The best target stand on the market at sunset
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Transport
  • Fast Set Up/Tear Down
  • Adjustable to any Terrain
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Easy to Store
  • US Patent #9,267,769


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When we think about target shooting and the target stands we use, I believe we can all agree that target stand construction, transportation and stability are the most frustrating issues weighing on the shooter. The time it takes to construct your average stand takes away the more important time to be spent shooting and training on your firearm.

Not to mention that moment when you are 300 brokentargetstandyards away and the impact of a round or a stiff gust of wind knocks your target over and now you find yourself hiking rather than shooting. Besides time, a lot of shooters don’t have the pickup required to haul a menagerie of construction materials for the various target stands they will be shooting at.

shootingrangegarbageThese issues then cause many individuals to take more simplified targets to the range such as televisions, washers and dryers, propane tanks and other such household items which unfortunately, often get left at the range. We all know what happens when all that shot up junk piles up on our favorite shooting ranges.  They get shut down.


The best target stand on the market at sunset

The Last Stand target stand can literally go anywhere and even adjusts to side hills

The Last Stand target stand system solves all of the issues faced by the modern target shooting enthusiast. It breaks down for easy transport in most any vehicle. It is easy and fast to set up and tear down. It’s adjustable for any terrain you choose to train on. It’s bullet resistant design means it will by the longest lasting target stand you will ever use and it doesn’t take up much room in the garage.

When we designed The Last Stand we were sitting there considering all of these issues. As we looked at an overturned camper that was all shot up and all the trash that would inevitably get our favorite shooting location shut down we thought, “There’s got to be a better target stand out there!”fulltargetstandkit

And as you’ve probably found, there are tons of stands out there as we found, but none that checked our list of must haves which you can read in full detail HERE.